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**Important: Please read before submitting your photograph**

1. You must live in the Adur and Worthing district to participate.

2. The photograph must be available to the artist as an original print. Photocopies or newly printed images will not be accepted.


3. The photograph must feature someone you do not know. Please do not submit photographs that hold personal significance to you. Any photograph is suitable, from any time period. Out-of-focus pictures hold as much poetry as well-lit studio images.

4. If your photograph is selected, the artist would like to talk with you about how you got it. This conversation will be recorded on Zoom or by phone, and your voice will be part of a sound composition for the exhibition. If you do not want to be recorded, please check the box on the submission form below.

5. If accepted, we will arrange collection details with you. When the exhibition closes in January 2025, your embroidered photograph will be returned to you.



There is no fee to participate. Share a digital version of your photograph below.

If you have problems uploading your photograph, please email it to

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