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Becky Edmunds is pleased to accept commissions.

An old fashioned table cloth with a quote machine stitiched around the edge. The words "working people, we surely don't want to go back..." are visible.

There are many reasons you may wish to commission an embroidery. You may have an old-fashioned piece of table linen that belonged to a relative, which is folded away in a cupboard, unused. Give it new life by commissioning Becky to stitch a quote or an image which remembers your loved one.

You may wish to enliven a frumpy tea cosy with a political critique as a gift which will bring pleasure (and political comfort) for years to come.

Or embellish a photograph with thread to create a unique and personalised artwork.

A vintage tea cosy which has been embroidered with the words "I detest the Tories and everything they stand for".

Photograph by @andywood

Commission for a Scottish customer

Whatever your reason or project, get in touch and let’s work together. I look forward to hearing your ideas. To enquire about a commission, contact

Embroidered photograph

Two theatre chairs that have embroidery on them. One reads "for Jamie" and one reads "for Jaan". Embroidered pathways aound the names suggest movement.

Commissioned by The Dance Space, Brighton. UK

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